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Changes at CEC

Change at Cheshire East Council



Cheshire East Labour Group welcomes the recognition by the Conservative leadership that Lyme Green has exposed serious weaknesses in the council's organisational culture and management structure. It is a clear vindication of the severe criticisms made by last year's Audit Commission report. This, together with the report of the Independent Investigator on the debacle of Lyme Green, highlights the need for greater strategic and political leadership, and the creation of a more coherent organisational structure to manage risk, and improve communication and accountability.


The Labour Group welcomes the commitment to far reaching proposals for significant changes to the current management structure, in particular, the review of functions and responsibilities and a reduction of the overall number of management posts.


David Newton, Leader of the Labour Group said,

"A thorough cleansing of the 'Augean stables' that are Cheshire East Council is long overdue. It should be understood, however, that these are, as yet, outline proposals. There is still plenty of work and further discussion to take place on them and it would need to be clearly established that a separation of commissioning and delivery roles is a better way forward, before this group could commit to it. We will reserve our final judgment until more clear and precise proposals are published by the Interim Chief Executive.


Nevertheless, we do believe strongly that the current structure and culture of the council needs change to achieve an integrated, coherent approach. We will work with the Leader of the council and the administration on the Herculean task of bringing efficiency and transparency to the council's decisions, quality services for those who need and use them and value for money to taxpayers.”


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