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Congleton CLP plays strong role in Cheshire PCC Labour win and contributes to Labour success in 2016 elections

Congratulations are certainly due to Labour members, supporters, and voters in Congleton CLP this week.  This week's local elections saw a Labour mayoral candidate win amidst strong opposition in the mass media and disgraceful scare tactics amongst some opposition parties.  But in addition to the London Mayor, Labour also won the two MP by-elections in Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough and Ogmore, South Wales.  Labour picked up wins up and down the country and have achieved a majority in the Wales and London Assemblies.  The last time these council seats were up for election was 2012 and the Labour wins there were considered a high water mark for Ed Miliband's leadership.  Although not all counting is finished we are seeing that any loses have been minimal and less than our major opponents in government.

But most important to ourselves in Congleton CLP was the win by 3,000 votes of David Keane as the new Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in Cheshire.  The Congleton CLP based campaign team worked hard in our part of Cheshire over the past few months dropping leaflets, running information stands, and hosting events and activities, many of which David Keane attended and supported.  And David has been very excited to come to our area, hear our concerns, and support Labour initiatives within the CLP.  He knew our area was vital to his success in this campaign and both he and our supporters' contributions did not go unnoticed.  This is why he and his campaign team celebrated this win in Middlewich Friday night.  Although the win was heavily contributed to by Warrington and Halton borough election turnouts, the Labour vote for Cheshire East was higher than might be expected for an area where less than 20% of the borough council is currently made up of Labour councillors.  Also to be considered impressive is the Labour support in light of the incumbent PCC being local to Cheshire East (Nantwich based).  The 3,000 votes David won by could easily have been lost in Congleton constituency or Cheshire East without this work by our members, supporters, voters, and campaigners.

But our success and celebrations this week would not have been possible without the work of our members and supporters on the ground within the Congleton constituency donating what time they could spare to getting the word out and getting the vote out on the day.  A massive congratulations and thank you to everyone who contributed their time within our constituency to supporting this campaign.  Because this win and future wins are only possible through the involvement of members and supporters on the ground, we would gladly welcome any time any members and supporters can spare in helping our local Labour initiatives, grassroots campaigns, and local Labour canvassing.  As a movement and a party led by members we encourage and welcome your ideas and suggestions at all of our events.  If you are interested in getting more involved at a local level, please come along to our monthly CLP or local branch meetings, get in touch with your branch secretary, or any local Labour councillors who will point you in the right direction to being more involved in this movement and achieving even more victories for Labour values within the Congleton constituency.  Well done all and thank you again for your continued support of our values for a more equal and fair society for all!

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