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Council Tax Hits Poor

20% Council Tax Increase



The government’s attack on low income working families will continue in 2013 with the withdrawal of council tax benefit. Under the old system many on low incomes had their council tax paid by the government, but from 1 April 2013 this benefit will be withdrawn and instead Cheshire East Council will introduce a set of council tax discounts for the elderly and those on benefits. However, the new discounts will not fully compensate those of working age. These ‘strivers’ will see their council tax bills rise by 20%. Many low paid workers will have to work an extra half day a month just to pay the extra council tax bills.


The government offered a £400,000 grant to Cheshire East Council to soften the blow, but this was rejected because the council would have had to contribute £800,000 to the cost of the scheme.


By contrast a £1.8m government grant to freeze council tax looks set to be accepted even though it will cost the council £3.6m in lost revenue. For the Conservatives a 2% council tax increase is too much for the wealthy council tax payers, but a 20% increase for the lowest paid workers is OK.



Cllr Sam Corcoran said,

“Yet again under the Tories it’s the low paid working families who foot the bill.”

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