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Countryside Policy


On Thursday 13 December, Cheshire East Council debated the following motion proposed by Cllr Peter Nurse and seconded by Cllr Roy Cartlidge. 


Cheshire East Council draws attention to aspects of Government policy

towards the Countryside and in particular:-

 The failure of policy to deal with Bovine TB which will now have a

further year to develop;

 The slow response to the spread of Ash Dieback Disease which threatens to

destroy the stock of one of our finest trees;

 The decision to permit the wider development of agricultural land which

reverses long established planning policies;

 The Council believes a change of approach is urgently required to deal

with the problems facing the Countryside.


Cllr Peter Nurse, Labour Councillor for Crewe West, said,

“At the last council meeting we passed a motion endorsing measures to tackle bovine TB. At that time the government was planning to start culling badgers. Within weeks the government had abandoned its plans. It was the wrong policy at the wrong time. It’s a shambles. The disease will now have an extra year to spread while the government decides what to do.

We are now being threatened by another serious problem. Ash Dieback Disease.

However, the biggest issue facing the countryside is the decision to permit house building on agricultural land. The capture of the Tory Party by those who believe in a free market in land, which will result in thousands of houses being built in Cheshire villages, is a dangerous development.”


Cllr Roy Cartlidge, Labour Councillor for Crewe St Barnabas, said,

“I support what the RSPB are saying ‘We welcome the Government's decision to reject a cull of badgers in England. We are currently opposed to badger culling and will not voluntarily grant access for badger control on our land.’”


The motion was opposed by Conservatives and LibDems


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