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Crime prevention cuts

Tory cuts to Community Safety Fund put crime prevention at risk in Cheshire - John Stockton


John Stockton, Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Cheshire responding to new figures revealing 60 per cent cuts to the Community Safety Fund for Cheshire said:


“I find it absolutely shocking that not only are the Tories cutting 250 police in Cheshire but they have also cut local crime prevention budgets by a whopping 60 per cent.


“This is the equivalent of £706,865 less to spend on important measures like CCTV, street-lighting, projects to tackle gang violence and many other measures used to help keep our streets safe.


“The Tory candidate is just a cheerleader for these cuts and people will want to hear him explain why they have decided that cutting our police is not enough, they are also cutting crime prevention too.


“Without this vital funding the following will be put at risk:


·         Operation Staysafe – helping vulnerable young people on our streets

·         Operations Ford & Clio – checking that all is well with our night time economy

·         Drugs dogs operations – to prevent and deter the use of illegal drugs

·         Dedicated drugs team – reduced in number and effectiveness

·         Underage alcohol sales prevention – will lead to increase in young people drinking

·         Road side vehicle checks – to catch scrap metal thieves

·         Burglary and fire safety days of action – actually stopped!



“People will want to hear why this out-of-touch Government have decided that cutting our police is not enough, they are also cutting crime prevention too, and putting us all at risk.”





1) David Cameron acknowledged the importance of crime prevention in his speech this week


“Prevention is the cheapest and most effective way to deal with crime – everything else is simply picking up the pieces of failure that has gone before. That’s part of what I mean by being intelligent as well as tough.”

David Cameron, Crime and Justice Speech, 22 October 2012


2) Official Home Office documents reveal that his Government have cut the Community Safety Fund which is used on projects that tackle and prevent crime by 60 per cent in just two years.

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