On Labour In, he will say:

“The Labour party is overwhelmingly for staying in, because we believe the European Union has brought investment, jobs and protection for workers, consumers and the environment, and offers the best chance of meeting the challenges we face in the 21st century. Labour is convinced that a vote to remain is in the best interests of the people of this country.

“In the coming century, we face huge challenges, as a people, as a continent and as a human race. How to deal with climate change, how to address the overweening power of global corporations and ensure they pay fair taxes. How to tackle cyber-crime and terrorism. How to ensure we trade fairly and protect jobs and pay in an era of globalisation. How to address the causes of the huge refugee movements across the world and how we adapt to a world where people everywhere move more frequently to live, work and retire.

“All these issues are serious and pressing, and self-evidently require international co-operation. Collective international action through the European Union is clearly going to be vital to meeting these challenges. Britain will be stronger if we co-operate with our neighbours in facing them together.”

On changing the EU, he will say:

"When the last referendum was held in 1975, Europe was divided by the Cold War, and what later became the EU was a much smaller, purely market-driven arrangement.   Over the years I have continued to be critical of many decisions taken by the EU  and I remain critical of its shortcomings, from its lack of democratic accountability to the institutional pressure to deregulate or privatise public services.

“So Europe needs to change. But that change can only come from working with our allies in the EU. It’s perfectly possible to be critical and still be convinced we need to remain a member”.

On remain and reform, he will say:

“EU membership has guaranteed working people vital employment rights, including paid holiday, maternity and paternity leave, protections for agency workers and health and safety in the workplace. Being in the EU has raised Britain’s environmental standards, from beaches to air quality, and protected consumers from rip-off charges.

“But we also need to make the case for reform in Europe – the reform David Cameron’s government has no interest in, but plenty of others across Europe do.

“That means democratic reform to make the EU more accountable to its people. Economic reform to put jobs and sustainable growth at the centre of European policy, labour market reform to strengthen and extend workers’ rights in a real social Europe, and new rights for governments and elected authorities to support public enterprise and halt the pressure to privatise services.

“So the case I’m making is for ‘Remain - and Reform’ in Europe.”

On steel, he will say:

"But real reform will mean making progressive alliances across the EU.  Something that the Conservatives will never do.

“Take the crisis in the steel industry. It’s a global problem and a challenge to many European governments, So why is it only the British government that has failed so comprehensively to act to save steel production at home?

“The European Commission proposed new tariffs on Chinese steel but it was the UK Government that blocked these co-ordinated efforts to stop Chinese steel dumping.


“Those proposals are still on the table. So today I ask David Cameron and George Osborne to to start sticking up for British steel and work with our willing European partners to secure its future.

“There are certainly problems about EU state aid rules, which need reform. But if, as the Leave side argues it is the EU that is the main problem.  How is it, that Germany, Italy, France and Spain have all done so much better at protecting their steel industries?

“It is not the EU that is the problem, but a Conservative government here in Britain that doesn’t recognise the strategic importance of steel,  for our economy and for the jobs and skills in those communities.

“The Conservative government has blocked action on Chinese steel dumping.  It has cut investment in infrastructure that would have created demand for more steel and had no procurement strategy to support British steel.

“A Labour government would have worked with our partners across Europe to stand up for steel production in Britain.”

On tax, he will say:

"Of course the Conservatives are loyally committed to protecting one British industry in Europe  - the tax avoidance industry.

“The most telling revelation about our Prime Minister has not been about his own tax affairs but that in 2013 he personally intervened with the European Commission President to undermine an EU drive to reveal the beneficiaries of offshore trusts. And even now, in the wake of the Panama Papers, he still won’t act.

“And on six different occasions since the beginning of last year, Conservative MEPs have voted down attempts to clamp down on tax dodging.

“Labour has allies across Europe prepared to take on this global network of the corrupt and we will work with them to clamp down on those determined to suck wealth out of our economies and the pockets of our people.

“On Tuesday, the EU announced a step forward on country-by-country reporting.  We believe we can go further but even this modest measure was opposed by Conservative MEPs last December.

“Left to themselves, it is clear what the main Vote Leave vision is: for Britain to be the safe haven of choice for the ill-gotten gains of every dodgy oligarch, dictator, or rogue corporation.

“They believe this tiny global elite is what matters, not the rest of us, who they dismiss as ‘low achievers’.

On the case for Europe, he will say:

"It is sometimes easier to blame the EU, or worse to blame foreigners  than to face up to our own problems.  At the head of which right now is a Conservative government that is failing the people of Britain.

“There is nothing remotely patriotic  about selling off our country and our national assets to the highest bidder, or in handing control of our economy to City hedge-funds and tax-dodging corporations based in offshore tax havens.

“There is a strong socialist case for staying in the European Union,  just as there are is also a powerful socialist case for reform and progressive change in Europe.


“That is why we need a Labour government, to stand up at the European level for industries and communities in Britain, to back public enterprise and services,  to protect and extend workers’ rights and to work with our allies to make both Britain and Europe work better for working people.

“Many people are still weighing up how they will vote in this referendum and I appeal to everyone, especially young people who will live longest with the consequences, to make sure you are registered to vote.  And to vote in June. This is about your future.

“By working together across our continent we can develop our economies,  protect social and human rights, tackle climate change and clamp down on tax dodgers.

“You cannot build a better world unless you engage with the world, build allies and deliver change.   The EU, warts and all, has proved itself to be a crucial international framework to do that.”

Extracts from Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on Europe

On Labour In, he will say: “The Labour party is overwhelmingly for staying in, because we believe the European Union has brought investment, jobs and protection for workers, consumers and...

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