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Fight for 37E bus lost

No 37E Bus Cut


The number 37E bus runs from Crewe to Sandbach town centre to Sandbach railway station to Middlewich and then onto Northwich. The bus service is subsidised by Cheshire West and Chester Council. The service has recently been cut in the evenings and at weekends. At the budget setting meeting in February Labour councillors proposed £50,000 of subsidy for this route which is important for access to Sandbach railway station and is also important for the people of Middlewich who don’t have a railway station. Any subsidy would be conditional upon the bus times being changed to fit in with train times. In the past Cheshire East Council has not had much influence on the bus times because they weren’t paying anything towards the bus service.


The Labour proposal was voted down by Conservatives and Lib Dems, but only after the Conservative Leader promised to look into the issue. Since then, as predicted by Labour, the service has been cut. At the Cheshire East Council meeting on Wednesday 15 May, Cllr Steve Hogben asked the Conservative Leader if he could tell the council what work was done to find out how many people would be affected before the evening and weekend service was cut and whether he could give any advice to James who lives in Sandbach and is trying to hold down his first job as a chef in Middlewich and often has to work late.


In response the Conservatives were unable to list any action taken before the service was cancelled. Instead the Conservatives said that only 5 people have complained.

It seems that the Conservative approach is to cancel a service and then see how many people complain, rather than checking in advance what the implications of their actions might be and how many people’s livelihoods might be destroyed.



Cllr Sam Corcoran, Labour Councillor for Sandbach Heath & East said,

“The assurances given when I raised the issue of the 37E bus at the February council meeting, that the matter would be looked into, were just empty words.

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