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Get Better Card

Members of Congleton CLP demonstrated outside Cheshire East Council's offices on February 21st showing their concern about the Council's waste and incompetence in these times of austerity.  The Council's failings were highlighted on a Get Better Card which will be presented to the Leader of The council on February 28th.


Symptoms of a sick council:




·         Tory-run Cheshire East Council blows £810K on Lyme Green waste plant fiasco. They pay consultants £1,500/day, totalling £100K, to find out what had happened and then refused to publish the report.


·         Council forks out £19m in redundancy pay to 1,170 workers, then spends £25m on temps to plug the gaps.


·         National Audit Office blasts the Tories’ weak political leadership and criticises value for money in Sept 2012.


·         Council refuses to release a report on the Bewilderwood project in Tatton Park . The Information Commissioner compares Bewilderwood with Lyme Green and orders the report to be released.


·         Interim Chief Exec gets £64k for 3 month contract, which was renewed without advertisement or interview.




·         Chief Executive appointed at outset on £230k / annum. Tory leader says they’re “reaching for the stars”.


·         The Chief Executive pockets a £93k severance pay-out after just 3 years in the job.


·         Councillors claim 52p per mile petrol allowance, 7p above the HMRC recommended rate. Labour Councillors voluntarily claim the lower taxman approved allowance.




·         Charges on pavement cafés imposed then reduced - the tables in, out, in, out, shake’m all about.


·         Tories preside over the car parking charges fiasco. Congleton town suffers 30p per hour, everywhere else in Congleton constituency is free.


·         Dial-a-Ride merry-go-round: Pensioner’s free bus passes made invalid on dial-a-ride; service subsidy cut and the dial-a-ride charity forced out; service handed to a private company with bus passes re-instated.


·         The former Tory portfolio holder for ensuring landlords know their legal duties towards the safety of tenants is now a convicted criminal landlord.


·         Council failure to draw up a Local Plan leads to a    deluge of speculative house building applications on greenfield sites.

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