Grammar schools fail the vast majority of children

Responding to the Education Secretary, Justine Greening’s speech to Conservative Party Conference, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner said:

 “Any new investment into disadvantaged communities is welcome, but the truth is that grammar schools fail the vast majority of children.

“The Tories cannot provide any evidence that new grammar schools will aid social mobility for children from the most disadvantaged communities.

“As the former Tory Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said yesterday, a return to a selective system will only put progress at risk in all our schools. This is not creating ‘a level playing field’.

“Theresa May’s government are the same old Tories – backward-looking and still obsessing about old-fashioned, discredited policies which will only entrench inequality.

"They have no answers to the real challenges facing all our children – school budgets falling, the teacher shortage crisis, rising class sizes and a total failure to give early years children the best start in life. 

"More grammar schools offer no answers and no change, and will only make things worse for most vulnerable.”

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commented 2016-10-09 20:06:56 +0100
Maybe the answer is to invest in teachers and let them know that they are valued by paying them a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. Too often teachers spend their own time preparing for classes and marking. They are the one’s that instill a sense of excitement about learning in the minds of our children. How can they do this if they are over-worked and tired? Teaching as a profession is low paid and relies on good will. The present system could work so much better with investment. This Government talked about getting the best educators, well they need to feel valued or they will leave teaching, and many are doing just this. They have tuition fees to pay and a home to maintain. Invest in public services, that’s what I say…
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