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Labour welcomes HS2

The next fast train from Crewe is headed to Europe



The government today has announced plans to build a new high speed rail line linking Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds to London and thence on to Europe via the existing High Speed line.


Labour has long argued that, in order to stimulate the economy, get people back into work and cut the deficit, we need to invest in national infrastructure. The government change of heart over investing in capital projects is very welcome. The outline plans for HS2 include a tunnel to take the Manchester trains under Crewe.  The plans include a tunnel to take the HS2 trains under Crewe on their way to Manchester. So the HS2 trains to Manchester will not stop at Crewe. However, HS2 trains to Liverpool will leave the HS2 line just south of Crewe and stop at Crewe station. This means that there will be 2 high speed trains an hour travelling from Crewe to Birmingham and London.


Cllr David Newton, Labour Group Leader said, “The Labour Group welcomes the announcement that the HS2 will run via Crewe.  We very much welcome investment in transport infrastructure, as this will create jobs during the construction phase and in the long-term.  I am delighted that the journey time to London will be cut even further - to under an hour - with the prospect of an international rail link from Crewe to Europe. Crewe will take its rightful place on the European rail map – at long last!”


Cllr Roy Cartlidge, Labour Councillor for Crewe St Barnabas, added,

“We are told the HS2 trains from Liverpool will stop at Crewe, and this will extend the benefits of the high speed link to North Wales and Ireland as passengers will be able to change at Crewe.  I also welcome the possibility of an infrastructure maintenance depot for the Manchester HS2 branch at Basford Hall sidings, as well as the jobs which that will create. We should now be lobbying for a depot in Crewe to service trains as well.”

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