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Letter from John Stockton

Dear John Dwyer,

The issue of this Government’s attitude to policing continues to dominate the headlines with yet more evidence this week of how, when it comes to the safety of our communities, David Cameron and this Tory-led Government just don’t get it.  As a candidate in the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner elections, you must now agree to answer questions on where you stand on these issues.

1. The abusive remarks Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell reportedly shouted at Downing Street police, which you have still not stated whether or not you condemn.

2. Cuts to the police that are leading to the loss of 250 police officers in Cheshire and threaten the safety of our communities, which you have failed to say whether or not you support.

3. The fact that David Cameron didn’t even mention the police, or crime, or Police and Crime Commissioners in his speech last week, going to show how high the safety of our communities are on his list of priorities.  People in Cheshire deserve to know the answer before they make their decision about who will be their voice on crime and policing in our area.

People here in Cheshire will want to know whether the safety of their communities is a higher priority for you than being a cheerleader for the Government’s police cuts which are damaging our police to such an extent. The safety of Cheshire is too important for you to continue to remain silent on where you stand.

Either you are standing up for people in Cheshire against the Tory-led Government’s cuts to 250 police officers here, or you are standing up for David Cameron despite the damage he is doing to policing in Cheshire and the risk this poses to the safety of our communities.

Due to the important nature of this issue, I am releasing this letter to the media.

Yours sincerely,

John StocktonLabour Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Cheshire

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