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Lyme Green costs to top £2million

Cost of Lyme Green Predicted to Top £2M


Having initially refused to disclose the pay offs made to senior staff who left in the wake of the Lyme Green enquiry, Cheshire East Council has now been forced to reveal the information as part of its annual accounts which were published this week.


The auditor commented that “The Council should review and strengthen its procedures for producing the officers’ remuneration and termination payments notes.”




The cost to date of the Lyme Green fiasco can now be shown as




£800,000         Amount paid to contractor for works done before planning permission had been granted


£225,000         Cost of independent report that has still not been published


£93,250           Termination payment to Chief Executive


£45,750           Termination payment to Director of Places and waste services


£45,160           Termination payment to Director of Finance


£28,861           Termination payment to Borough Solicitor




£350,000         Cost of temporary waste transfer station for 1st year to September 2012


£250,000       Cost of temporary waste transfer station for 2nd year to September 2013




£1,838,021      Total cost to date






As the Council still has to pay a private contractor for a temporary waste facility, the final cost of the Lyme Green fiasco is likely to top £2M.




In addition the Council is planning to spend over £2M to purchase and develop a new waste transfer station, having sold off the Lyme Green site at a knock down price.




The decision to sell the Lyme Green site was taken in secret without consultation with any of the council committees and without any long term plan for where to deal with the Council’s waste. This is another reminder, if any were needed, that the lessons of Lyme Green have not been learnt and that the Conservatives responsible for the Lyme Green fiasco are still in charge of Cheshire East Council.






Labour Group Planning Spokesperson Cllr Janet Jackson said,


“We were astonished to hear the announcement at a press conference in June of a deal for Arighi Bianchi to use the Lyme Green site. There was no consultation with us as Macclesfield councillors on this decision. Until that announcement we thought the Lyme Green site was still under consideration as one possibility for a waste transfer station.”




Labour Group Finance Spokesman Cllr Sam Corcoran said,


“The independent auditor has again qualified her report on whether Cheshire East Council is getting value for money. The blame for this waste is placed firmly with the Conservative leadership by the auditor who says, ‘more needs to be done to ensure that tough decisions are taken when setting the budget’.

The auditor’s comments echo what I said in February when the budget was being set ‘Isn’t it time we Members bit the bullet and reviewed all the sites for a northern waste transfer facility (even if that means reconsidering Lyme Green as the site) rather than ducking a difficult political decision at a cost of £250,000 p.a.’


The culture of fear, mistrust and secrecy is still evident at Cheshire East Council.”

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