NHS Crisis Made Worse by Cheshire East Tories

At the Cheshire East Health & Wellbeing Board Meeting on 31 January 2017
£3.2m of funding that had been set aside for adult social care in Cheshire
East is being paid by Cheshire East Council to the 2 local CCGs (Clinical
Commissioning Groups) because proposals for how to spend the money could not
be agreed.
There is a widespread problem in the NHS of patients remaining in hospital
after they could be discharged because there is no safe place to send them.
This is known as a Delayed Transfer of Care (DTOC). Between 5% and 10% of
all beds in NHS hospitals in Cheshire East are taken up by patients who do
not need to be there. Often this is due to a shortage of adult social care.
Bizarrely the Conservatives on Cheshire East Council have closed the high
quality Council run care homes at Hollins View, Lincoln House and Mountview,
thus reducing the number of care beds available. Now it transpires that
money that could have been used for providing care home places in Cheshire
East has not been used. At a time of a growing shortage, the Conservatives
on Cheshire East Council have been cutting the number of care beds, thus
making the problem worse. The cost is felt by the patients who cannot be
discharged from hospital and the taxpayers who have to pay £400 a night for
a hospital bed, when they could be paying less than £100 a night for a bed
in a care home.
At the Health & Wellbeing Board Meeting the chief executive of the Eastern
Cheshire CCG said that Delayed Transfer of Care was a very, very significant
challenge. Although good work has been done by staff in trying to reduce the
number of patients experiencing DTOC, the average length of delayed
transfers is rising.
The Eastern Cheshire CCG draft deficit for 2017/18 is £17.8m and this is
after program savings of £11.5m! NHS England are pressing for savings of
£20m, but this is simply unachievable.
The chief executive of the South Cheshire CCG painted a similarly grim
picture and complained of the complex and difficult system in the NHS. He
referred to rationing healthcare as the current funding is not adequate to
provide previous levels of service.
Dorothy Flude, Labour Councillor for Crewe South, said, “David Cameron’s
massive top down re-organisation of the NHS that wasted £4bn, has left us
with complex and difficult structures that seem designed to facilitate
privatisation of the NHS, rather than solving the health and care problems
of the residents of Cheshire East.”
Cllr Sam Corcoran said “The dire financial situation of the NHS means that
money that could be used to help solve the underlying problem of a shortage
of care beds is instead being used to plug the funding gaps in the NHS.”
Laura Jeuda, Labour Councillor for Macclesfield South, said, “The recent
threat to the Accident and Emergency department at Macclesfield Hospital due
to lack of funding has for the present been lifted. But no new money has
been made available, so rationing of NHS services is still on the cards. The
absolute jaw-dropping hypocrisy of Conservative MPs in the area, Bruce,
Rutley and Osborne is breathtaking:  it is their Conservative Government
which has forced our NHS into this disastrous situation.  They all supported
the totally unnecessary top-down reorganisation of the NHS at a time when
public satisfaction with the health service had never been higher. This
government and the previous Coalition have done their utmost to ruin our
health service- did Bruce, Rutley and Osborne honestly believe that the cuts
would not land on their own doorstep and would only affect other parts of
the country?”

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