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Parking on Scotch Common

Parking Restrictions on Sandbach Scotch Common

New signs have been put up on Scotch Common in Sandbach. These replace the old signs which said “SHORT STAY PARKING IN OUTER SPACES LIMITED TO 2 HOURS MAXIMUM”


The purpose of the new signs is to encourage those parking all day to use the Lower Waitrose, Chapel Street and Westfields car parks, leaving the Scotch Common car park free for shoppers. The newly resurfaced Chapel Street car park is rarely full and few people know that the Westfields car park (with a pedestrian walkway through to the Chapel Street car park) is free for public use.


Sandbach is a thriving market town and shoppers should be encouraged to visit knowing that short term car parking spaces will be available on Scotch Common.


The wording of the new signs was agreed by the Conservative Town Mayor and the Conservative ward councillor. No Labour councillors were consulted and the wording was not agreed at any formal council meeting.


Former councillor Keith Haines said,

“During the last parking review, when the Conservatives and LibDems proposed charges on all car parks in Sandbach, the local Labour group put forward alternative plans for free short stay parking on all town centre car parks, with long stay parking on Chapel Street and Lower Waitrose car parks. I am pleased that the Labour plans are finally being adopted.”


Cllr Ursula Griffiths said,

“I was surprised to see the Sandbach Town Council logo on these new signs. I was not consulted about the wording of these signs. We should not be discouraging genuine shoppers from visiting Sandbach and using Scotch Common.”



Cllr Sam Corcoran said,

“I welcome the moves to encourage people parking all day to use Lower Waitrose, Chapel Street and Westfields car parks. If the Scotch Common car park is left free then this will encourage more people to shop in Sandbach, which is what we all want. Scotch Common is for the benefit of all the people of Sandbach and we should SHARE it; those who block up the car park by parking all day are taking more than their fair share.”



Cllr Richard Hoffmann said,


“Scotch Common should be for people who are shopping in Sandbach. There is plenty of long stay parking in the Lower Waitrose, Chapel Street and Westfields car parks.”

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