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Sandbach to produce neighbourhood plan

Sandbach Town Council Votes to Pursue a Neighbourhood Plan for Sandbach



Sandbach Town Council has voted in favour of a proposal by Cllr Sam Corcoran that

This Council supports in principle the production of a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish of Sandbach, forms a working group to pursue this and requests that the working group should at an early stage prepare a budget to inform the 2014/15 Sandbach Town Council budget.



Speaking after the meeting Cllr Corcoran said,

“I am delighted that the town council is willing to support those residents who have already come forward offering their time and efforts to help protect Sandbach from the speculative housing applications that are besieging our town. When complete a Neighbourhood Plan will protect the town, but the main benefits will come from the community activity involved in producing the plan.

I welcome the commitment from the Neighbourhood Forum group to take a much more positive approach to the development of Sandbach and to carry out a real public consultation. Any future housing developments should make significant contributions to the infrastructure improvements that are needed in Sandbach. Property developers make millions out of housing applications. A much larger slice of those profits should go back into the local community.

I urge everyone to get involved in this exciting opportunity to build the community of Sandbach for the future. Please contact your local councillor for more information on how to get involved. Contact details for all town councillors are available ”



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