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The Future of Holmes Chapel

Would you want a large supermarket in Holmes Chapel?

Many people from Holmes Chapel travel to the supermarkets in nearby towns for their weekly shop.  “Would you prefer there to be a supermarket in or near the village so that you could do your big shop locally?

There are points both for and against such a plan.  Certainly not having to travel to Sandbach, Congleton, Knutsford, Northwich or Crewe to do your shopping would save time and cut down on car journeys but it could also increase traffic coming into the village as people came to shop at a new store. 

A store located on the edge of the village might ease parking problems in the village, but would it also threaten the continued existence of the local stores and could it even change the nature of the village centre itself.  How many new jobs might a new store generate but how many existing jobs would it put at risk?

The viability of the centre of the village is already of concern.  Some shops are empty, some have changed radically and others are facing uncertain times.  A new store might attract more visitors to Holmes Chapel, but could the current shops and services take advantage of the increased footfall?  Is it time to reassess the shape and use of the village centre?

There are no plans for such a development at the moment, but the village will change over the next five years or so.  New housing developments on the former Sanofi and Fine Arts sites, will lead to a substantially increased population, with consequent pressures on the infrastructure – the health centre, schools, roads and parking for instance – but could also open up opportunities for new businesses and community services.

We need to start thinking about this now.  So please use the comments button on the right to let us know your thoughts and ideas

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