UKIP More Tory than the Tories

UKIP want to take billions out of the NHS, subsidising the better off to go private. Their health spokesperson favours introducing charging in the NHS for “non-emergency” cases and to allow people to pay to jump the queue.
UKIP claim to be on the side of working people, but the truth is UKIP is made up of senior figures with a history in the Tory party. UKIP relies more and more on Tory funding and UKIP shares a Tory policy agenda. The only difference is that UKIP is an even more damaging prospectus for Britain’s future than the Tories.
UKIP are even more right wing than the Tories. A vote for UKIP is a vote for: 
  • Higher taxes for working families 
  • Huge tax giveaways for the rich
  • Even deeper cuts to the public services you rely on
  • Charges to see your GP
  • Scrapping your rights as a worker 
  • Ending the requirement for people on benefits to look for work

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