Why the million new private sector jobs is a mirage

When David Cameron claimed that one million new jobs had been created since the election he forgot to mention one key fact - 196,000 further education and sixth form college teachers have been reclassified as private sector employees. As the ONS stated: "These educational bodies employed 196,000 people in March 2012 and the reclassification therefore results in a large fall in public sector employment and a corresponding large increase in private sector employment between March and June 2012."  So about 20% of the new jobs were in fact just manipulation of the figures - the same people in the same jobs.

Cameron then went on to say that  there were a "million more people in work" than when Labour left office, a claim that takes no account of the 432,000 public sector jobs lost since June 2010. The true rise in employment is 462,000 (from 29,128,000 to 29,590,000), or 538,000 less than the figure used by Cameron.

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