You can't trust the Liberals

Nick Clegg likes to try and distance himself from his record and his Tory coalition partners. But the truth is that he has backed the Tories all the way, and broken the promises he made at the last election. You can't trust Nick Clegg, and you can't trust the Lib Dems.
You can’t trust them – they are breaking their promises:
  • They promised to scrap tuition fees and then trebled them.
  • They promised not to increase VAT, warned against a “Tory VAT bombshell”, but then voted through a VAT rise on hardworking families.  
  • They promised a fair tax system with the wealthiest paying more but have cut taxes for millionaires. 
  • They promised to be on the side of working people but hardworking people are £1,600 worse off since they joined the Tories in government.
You can’t trust them – they say they are holding David Cameron back but Nick Clegg has been weak and backed the Tories all the way:
  • Nick Clegg backed the Tories’ wasteful and damaging £3 billion top-down reorganisation of the NHS, while cutting nurses and seeing waiting lists rise and operations rationed.
  • Nick Clegg backed the Tories’ hated Bedroom Tax, even though two thirds of the people hit by it are disabled and 60,000 are carers.
  • Nick Clegg backed Michael Gove and allowed schools to recruit unqualified teachers, putting school standards at risk.

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