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You can't trust the Tories with the NHS

You can’t trust the Tories with the NHS. It’s getting harder to see a GP, nurses have been cut and waiting lists are going up.

More patients are waiting longer:
  • There is a crisis in A&E – in the last 12 months, almost a million people have waited more than four hours to be seen; more people are having to wait on trolleys before being admitted; and more people are being kept in ambulance queues outside A&E.
  • After years of falling waiting lists with Labour, waiting lists for treatment are growing again – they’re at their highest level for five years.
It’s harder to get the care you need:
  • It’s harder to get see your family doctor. David Cameron scrapped Labour’s guarantee of a GP appointment within 48 hours – and now 60 per cent of patients say they can’t see their GP within two days. 
  • Thousands of nurses and frontline staff have been lost from the NHS since David Cameron became Prime Minister. Experts say that A&Es don’t have safe staffing levels.
  • Treatments like cataract and knee operations are being rationed.
David Cameron is responsible for the crisis in our NHS:
  • David Cameron wasted £3 billion and caused chaos with a damaging NHS reorganisation he promised wouldn’t happen, that has led to over 4,000 NHS staff being laid off and then rehired, many on six-figure salaries.
  • His reforms put private profits before patient care, tying hospitals up in competition law. 
  • Cuts to elderly care are sending more older people to A&E and making it harder to get the care they need at home.

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