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East Cheshire Young Labour Formed

We had a good turnout of around 12 people, including Kieran Roberts the Chair of North West Young Labour, who announced the positions of the Officers. We managed to fill all but the roles of LGBT Officer and Treasurer. We hope they will be filled soon. Our very own Natasha Tipping, who I understand is now a fully paid up member of the Party is the women's officer, so congratulations to her! We decided that our joint first campaign issues will be youth unemployment, and we will be wanting to talk in secondary schools, and colleges/6th Forms about this issue. We want to combine this with talking about politics, and how it is an important subject, and that it is not something boring or of no concern to younger people. Abbie, who is our youngest member at 15 said that her fellow peers at Malbank know hardly anything about politics, and how it all affects their daily lives. They see it as something boring/complicated, and nothing to do with them. This is something that the party leadership nationally needs to tackle, and it needs to be engaging with school pupils to get them interested and talking about and understanding politics long before they reach voting age at 18, which is only when they seem to have cared in the past as they wanted their vote. This is probably why so few 18-25 year old's vote these days. We are going to have monthly meetings along with regular socials, with the aim to try to bring one new young friend who we think would be interested in joining the party. We are planning in helping out with out with door knocking/canvassing in the Macclesfield by election at the end of April, to ensure we hang on to the Labour Council seat we have there.

Young Labour

Young Labour is the youth wing of the Labour Party and home for progressive young people.

All members of the Labour Party between 14-26 are members of Young Labour. Being part of Young Labour is a great way to get involved in politics and meet like minded people who share your values.


Richard Hoffmann is the youth coordinator for Congleton Constituency Labour Party.  He can be contacted on email at

Congleton Labour Party is also on Facebook as Congleton Labour Party and can be followed on Twitter as @congletonlabour.

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